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Zayn & Myza Iceland Aqua Bomb Serum (30ml)


  • QUICK ABSORPTION : 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid – SMALL MOLECULES – Penetrate Deep – keeps the skin hydrated.
  • NATURAL GLOW : Hyaluronic Acid – infuses hydration – gives NATURAL DEWY GLOW.
  • YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN : Hyaluronic acid – retains skin moisture – fights fine lines, wrinkles & other signs of ageing.
  • SUPPLE SKIN : Glacial Water from Olfus – Rich in Minerals – HYDRATES the skin – making it BOUNCY + PLUMP.
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Hydrate your skin with Glacial Natural Spring Water. Packed with high-quality drinking water sourced from Olfus Springs of Iceland, ZM Iceland Aqua Serum provides the intense hydration that your skin deserves. Inspired by the most sought-after Korean skin secrets, this lightweight serum is infused with 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weights that penetrate the skin to infuse and lock in moisture. Its quick-absorbing, water-based formula gives a natural dewy glow to your skin, keeping it smooth & supple, all day long. Give your skin a bomb of hydration and get set to bid goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines.


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How to use :

  • Wash your face and neck
  • Apply toner to your face
  • Massage the serum till it gets absorbed
  • Don’t forget to moisturize soon after
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