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VC Amino Acid Deep Cleanser (120ml)

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Guerniss Vitamin C Deep Cleanser is one of the most beneficial products for your daily skin care routine. According to the statement of the recent world skin specialist and experts “AMINO ACID” is being treated as the best and the most gentle facial cleanser ingredients. Amino Acid protects skin from free-radical damage, reduce signs of aging, maintains the elasticity and resilience of your skin. Our Foaming Cleanser with a durable and extra ordinary silicone brush on its top that gently exfoliates your skin and removes dull skin layer and also removes stubborn makeup conveniently. Daily usage keeps your skin hydrated in attaining and maintaining flawless skin. Moreover, our cleanser is also for oil control, blackhead removal, dirt and impurities removal, deep cleansing from the core of skin. Our Product is dermatologically tested.

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