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Technic Intoxicate Mascara

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The Technic Intoxicate Volumizing Mascara is a mascara with an ultra-black, water resistant, hard wearing, lash building formulation with mega wand for mega volume and add drama to your eyes. Ultra-black, Water Resistant, hard wearing, lash building formulation with mega wand for mega volume layer for a more dramatic finish. This product is specifically designed for the warm summer months or when the weather is extreme to stay put when they get wet or when you sweat. Its creamy texture ensures smooth and clump-free application without worrying about irritating your eyes, fall out, breakage or other concerns.

This mascara with added benefits that promote healthy and nourished lashes. We are talking about conditioning mascaras that give you long and luscious lashes naturally. Meanwhile, the easy-to-use brush captures every lash and evenly coats them to help you achieve a thick, dark and feathery lash appearance. they give your lashes dramatic length and conditions your lashes.

How to use:

Step – 1 First curl you lash with curlers after complete your eye makeup.
Step – 2 Look straight at the mirror and take a right amount of mascara. Place the applicator at the middle of your upper lashes and coating the base of your lashes. Then pull the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, making sure you’re coating every part of your lashes.
Step – 3 Let it for dry and wipe off the excess mascara.

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