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TATCHA The Camellia Cleansing Oil 2-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser


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Tatcha This moisturizing 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser is formulated with camellia oil to gently remove even waterproof makeup, melt away excess oil, and nourish skin to feel softer than silk.

Why It Works


The Camellia Cleansing Oil Thoroughly Cleanses The Skin Without Stripping It Of Its Natural Moisture, Leaving Skin Feeling Balanced And Nourished. It Does Not Contain Mineral Oil, So The Liquid Emulsifies Completely With No Oily Residue. The Hydrating Formula Of This Facial Cleansing Oil Draws Out Oils, Removes Sunscreen And Waterproof Makeup (Even Mascara), Which Makes It Perfect For Incorporating Into Your Skincare Ritual. Ideal For All Skin Types, Including Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Acne-prone Skin, And Combination Skin.

When The Camellia Cleansing Oil Is Used Daily With The Rice Polish: Classic:

After 4 Weeks:

100% Showed Improvement In The Appearance Of Wrinkles*
95% Showed Improvement In The Appearance Of Fine Lines*
*based On A Clinical Study Of 20 Women Over 4 Weeks


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