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SUPERHUE Brightening Eye Cream (15ml)


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Live Tinted’s SUPERHUE Brightening Eye Cream is a rich-yet-lightweight formula hydrates and smooths fine lines while depuffing and brightening dark under eyes both instantly and over time. Rivalling your fresh morning brew, the Superhue Brightening Eye Cream reawakens your tired eyes with its deliciously rich yet weightless formula that smoothes out fine lines and illuminates dark circles over time. Heroic in more ways than we can count, this hyperpigmentation-targeting cream is supercharged with a rejuvenating blend made up of niacinamide, caffeine and vitamin C — the ultimate brightening agent. Gliding across your skin with a cooling sensation induced by the copper applicator, this collagen-boosting miracle works to tighten crepe-like skin, improve circulation and restore youthful radiance. Featuring nourishing shea butter and turmeric extracts, this creamy dream is sure to bright sunshine to tired-looking hollows.

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