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L’Oreal Density Advanced Densifying Professional Shampoo 300 ml


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Searching for effective solutions for thinning hair? Trust the L’Oréal Professionnel Density Advanced Shampoo to restore the hair vitality and density. Powered with omega 6, the L’Oréal Density Advanced Shampoo for thinning hair helps nourish the roots, restore vitality, and bring back the density you always craved for.

Ingredients :

The ingredients list is subject to change and depends on the country’s location selling. Consumers should refer to the product packaging for the most relevant ingredients list. In case of a problem, please contact the consumer care centre.

How to use :

Step 1: Apply the L’Oréal Advanced Density Shampoo evenly on wet scalp and hair.

Step 2: Massage gently until it lathers.

Step 3: Rinse your hair with water. In case the product comes in contact with the eyes, splash water immediately.

Results & Benefits :

After religiously using the L’Oréal Density Shampoo for thinning hair you would regain your hair density and shine.

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