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I’m From Rice cream 50g


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RICE BRAN OIL ORIGINATED CERAMIDE – contains various natural fatty acid, which has excellent skin barrier improvement ability and moisturizing effect.
LONG LASTING SEBUM CONTROL – phytic acid found in rice bran is good for absorbing sebum while moisturizing dry, combination skin as natural rice ceramide cream.
NATURAL GLOWING NUTRITION FROM THE INGREDIENT AS IT IS – Vacuum Distillation Extraction Method – in which the water is boiled at low temperature in vacuum for extraction, is used to boil fine rice bran for 60 minutes at 40°C to collect and deliver the clean and effective components of the rice bran.
SAFE TO USE – Skin irritation test completed, Non-GMO ingredients are used/ Cruelty free, vegan friendly, artificial coloring, fragrance-free
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