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Guerniss Cover Matte Foundation Medium Light 5.0


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Guerniss Full Cover Matte Foundation is formulated with “marine sugarcane” algae extract and natural mineral powders that helps control excess oil and shine perfectly on your skin.

Full cover matte foundation is something that covers your skin imperfections fully and gives a matte finishing with oil free formula. This type of product leaves the skin looking “polished”, air-brushed, without reflecting light. These are typically formulated without oils and with ingredients that will help absorb all of your natural producing oils.

It will provide full coverage, usually great for those who need to cover pigmentations or something specific on the face. Basically matte finish is more applicable for people with oily skin.

Its formula can leave zero excess oil, is usually long-lasting, and control shine leaves it more loved by people with oily or acne-prone skin. Generally those who have oily or acne-prone skin often reach for this Full cover matte foundation .As a result it absorbs excess oil and keep skin from looking overly shiny and greasy.

After the application it can sometimes create a flat effect on the face of the wearer. Bronzing or contouring the shades is the solution to this.

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