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Focallure Brow Styling Soap (Fa182)


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BROW SOAP® is a clear brow setting product that will make your original eyebrows more stereo, natural, and bushy. It is made up of mild and non-irritating natural materials, has no odor, is colorless, safe and will leave no residue when styling your brows. Its Long lasting and waterproof and can be used before using the eyebrow pencil or eye brow powder to help make your eyebrow makeup last longer.


Made with natural ingredients; infused with castor oil to boost hair growth; adds softness and shine to hairs with Argan oil; keeps skin healthy and safe from irritation with vitamin E; lets you set and style brows better than synthetic brow gels; gives you a naturally thicker, full brow look; budget-friendly tin can of soap will last for months; easy to apply so you can style your brows upward or towards the side; includes an angled spoolie and a razor blade.

Country of Origin: China.

How to use:

  • Spray the brush head with any water spray.
  • Brush the eyebrow soap with a slightly damp brush head (the amount should be moderate (not too little and not too much), so as not to stick.
  • Repeat the combing of the eyebrows and let each eyebrow stick to the setting soap to achieve the setting effect.
  • Modify eyebrow edges to get a hot wild eyebrows effect
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