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Flormar Stylematic Waterproof Lipliner SL10 Vivid Red


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Flormar Stylematic Lipliner is the perfect lip liner if you are searching for not only definition but also resilience. In fact, this automatic lip liner is extremely long-lasting being resistant even to water. With this product, you can be sure that your lips will look perfect all day! Moreover, it is also extremely easy to apply. Enriched with Palm oil, the Flormar Stylematic Lipliner is creamy and slides effortlessly through the usage process. Additionally, the smoothness of the formula mixed with the definition of this lip liner tip ensures a precise application and contouring. Along with a silky feeling, you get also super well-defined lips. With high coverage and a luxurious matte finish, the Stylematic Lipliner comes in multiple colors. Use it just as a liner in addition to your favourite lipstick or lip-gloss for an extra definition or, alternatively, apply it filling in the lips completely. When applied all throughout the lip, it will provide an intense color with a potent staying power. The kind of statement look that you will love.

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