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Flormar Smokey Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Khaki

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Flormar Smoky Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner helps you achieve that enigmatic smokey eye without any complications. Getting that trendy makeup look has never been easier. On one side, we are talking about a soft and velvety texture infused with Cotton Seed Oil. This ingredient provides an extra creaminess to the product, which means that the Smokey Eyes Eyeliner will glide effortlessly through your skin and also blend in with ease. Furthermore, this composition has Carbon Black Pigment, too. This component not only provides an intense pigmentation but protects it, as well. Therefore, with just one glide, you will be able to get a powerful shade that also lasts all day long. In addition to that, the Smoky Eyes Eyeliner is also water-resistant. You no longer have to worry about water, sweat, and any kind of moisture. With this waterproof formula, your eye makeup will resist even the most challenging elements. To create the beautiful smokey eye we’ve been promising, draw a line above your upper lashes and below your lower lashes root. Then, blend and smudge with the inbuilt sponge or with a blending makeup brush. Now, your only problem will be how to choose from the variety of colors available. Have fun creating unexpected looks by using the brighter colors or by mixing different shades together. With the Flormar Smoky Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, your eyes will definitely be the center of attention!

Color family : blue
Texture : pencil
Good for : defining the eyes, adding depth and also creating a smokey eye
Waterproof : yes
Presentation : sharpenable pencil with a inbuilt sponge.

How to use :
Apply Flormar Smoky Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner on the upper lash line and below the eyelashes roots. Then, smudge the line using the inbuilt sponge or a blending eye makeup brush. Keep blending until you have achieved the desired look.

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