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Flormar Color Up Lip Crayon 04 Lovely Pink


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Flormar Color Up Lip Crayon is a soft lipstick that promises to make your makeup routine not only easier but also more fun. With a pencil form, this is an easy-to-use product that ensures an effortless application. Thanks to its creamy consistency and its retractable mechanism, the Flormar Color Up Lip Crayon slides smoothly through the lips providing even high coverage. Additionally, this formula also has other beneficial impacts on your lips. First of all, this product is formulated with Panthenol, an extremely hydrating component that will leave your skin nourished and smoothed. With deeply moisturized lips, you will get a soft lip makeup look as a result. Furthermore, this lipstick composition also has Vitamin E, an antioxidant ingredient that provides protection against harmful sun rays. Lastly, the Flormar Color Up Crayon offers a range of bright colors with a luxurious semi-matte finish. This is a practical lipstick that besides providing a pop of color to your day, you will be able to include on your daily makeup routine effortlessly. For a more defined look, do not forget to contour your lipline first.

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