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Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion Charming 500 ml


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Enchanteur Charming Body Lotion offers deep moisturization while leaving your skin non-greasy.
It has skin-friendly, healing ingredients like aloe vera and olive butter, and is crafted with the fragrance of roses, Muguet, and fresh citrus.

Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Body Lotion

  • Has Aloe Vera and Olive Butter that deeply hydrates & nourishes your skin.
  • The lotion is very light & quickly absorbing.
  •  Ensuring that you don’t have that icky sticky feeling. This makes the lotion perfect for any season.
  • It leaves your skin feeling soft and silky, with a lingering perfume.
  • Its Fragrance is inspired by France
    the birthplace of the best perfumes. – Feel the fragrance of French Romance with the exotic mix of Rose, and Muguet with a pinch of Citrus.
  • Apply to your body, section by section, starting at your ankles.
  • Work all the up to your neck.
  • Only put enough lotion on your hands to do each part.
  • This will ensure you give each part of your body enough attention.
  • Use a circular motion with light pressure, focusing the pressure on the palms of your hands.
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