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3W Clinic Honey gold Beauty Soap 120 gm


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Rich in vitamins and minerals, it replenishes moisture from the inside, improves skin texture, and balances oil and moisture. In addition, it has a strong antioxidant activity, prevents cell aging, and helps to recover damaged cells. Hyaluronic acid: promotes collagen and elastin synthesis while protecting the skin from premature aging, it also prevents moisture evaporation and retains moisture inside, while promoting deeper penetration of other active ingredients into the toner without clogging the pores of the skin.  Jojoba oil: Skin moisturizing, skin oil and moisture balance control, skin moisturizing, skin barrier recovery. * Olive oil: protects the skin from cell damage, aids in anti-aging, and provides antioxidant effects.

Vegetable palm oil, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, jojoba oil, honey, glycerin, fragrance

How To Use:
Make enough bubble and rub it on your skin, and of course, wash it thoroughly. When taking a shower, wash off after foaming like a massage on the whole body.

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