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Morphe 8S Stellar Impact Highlighter Palette


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Heat things up with this on-the-glow palette of 8 attention-grabbin’ highlighters. Each beaming shade is daringly creamy and leaves you with that explosive, prismatic effect. Here’s to leaving all eyes on you (and your highlight), Morphe Babe.
Innovative, daringly creamy formula
Weightless, zero-gravity feel
Prismatic shades for every Morphe Babe under the sun.


  • Row 1: Ultraviolet (iridescent violet), Galactic (icy peach), Comet (burnished glitzy coral), Meteor (gilded rich gold)
  • Row 2: Aurora (iridescent pink gleam), Trance (glistening rosy nude), Big Bang (glitzy gold), Mirage (metallic copper)
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